Thank you professor..  I tried to hail our resident TA nerd Fratzybotish for his input..

I can stomach a lower price.. just taking small nibbles now as volume is quite low relative to the float..

Canadian insider shows greg hayes the ceo has purchased lots of shares at higher levels so

he has an inkling his company is undervalued or else he is trying to maintain the share price

(maybe both?)..   4 cents may arrive but the window for tax loss season is a small one..  and this

is one of gene arensberg's vulture bargain candidates of interest..


Disclaimer.. I am a novice here but have done okay buying capitulated junior golds with good

land packages in safe political jurisdictions.. my other baby is impact silver.. maybe the next big

silver growth play a la first majestic.. markets are shaky now so odds are you may be right with your

prediction but I see the low at 5 cents ..prolly should hold... next 4 weeks very important though!