These numbers should reflect sector change that should affect gpw.

CNBC ASIA, /feb 8,  the Chinese printed their latest Trade Balance report. China's Trade Balance remained a surplus, and beat expectations printing at $29.15 Billion (VS $24.7 Billion forecast). This report signaled that China's economic recovery is still working its way through. 

Exports out of the world's second largest economy grew by a higher-than-expected 25 percent in January from a year earlier, while imports surged 28.8 percent, good news for China as it recovers from its worst yearly downturn in 13 years.

However, after adjusting for the Chinese New Year effect – which provides an artificial boost to exports as companies front load shipments as well as imports due to stockpiling before the holiday period – exports grew 12 percent and imports rose 3.4 percent.