really?  this management continues to sink company money into this NON ECONOMIC project. The project is average at best, where it is a very short season, a very expensive area to work.  Looking for gold in alaska should only be attempted by the best managment and geo's.  the management and geo team at gpg are purely ametures.  why they continue to pursue this project is beyond me. they continue to perpetuate their poor decision making and waste the money in the corporate treasury.  such a disappointment they cant acknowledge that this will never be a mine, let alone an economic mine, and just move on.  at this slow pace, it will be another five years before a PEA could be established and another five years before a mine could be developed. that is if they ever could prove up a resource estimate and an economic analysis at all. my guess, this will never yield more than 200,000 oz at most and the cap ex would be quite expensive to develop.  It will never happen.

oh well..........i guess $5,000 gold per oz might prove them right :)