Absolute disgrace IMHO...

I have been appalled at the bad judgment of management from the moment they decided to list in Canada rather than Australia.

having someone get locked up was never going to help, but the trading whist this went on could have been perceived as insider trading.

the ramping that goes on really discredits those that do it (marketers) and when they are posting on stock forums etc to try and ramp it up you know you are in trouble.

When was the last news on any activity of the projects?

Management dont appear to want to respond to any serious questions now...

sadly it will either go broke as there is no money or someone will try and use it for a back door listing.. But neither of those scenarios will help holders.

finally, we are now getting people on here ramping the bejesus out of it but with no facts.. All innuendo... Just make sure you don't get sucked in to a stock that will run out of liquidity when you want to cash in...

for us a loss between $50 and $180k depending  on how you measure it..

good luck and message for management ....  hang your head in shame..