GOD is involved in an area play in Burkina Faso.  Highriver was trading for pennies a share after the 2008 downdip glitch ( it crashed down fron the $3.00 range) fron then on it made a slow and mehodical climb back to the $1.40 level and hence the $1billion deal with Nord Gold. The Bissa play isnt Highriver only asset, however represents a large chunk of the deal. This is good for the Gods. I am tracking dozens of Gold stocks that are in Burkina and God is on of a handfull trading under a dime, although I understand God is a veteran in this new wave of exploration. .. There doesnt SEEM to be alot of shares for sale now between 0.055 to 0.075, however this week may be show and tell time in the event a flood of shares keeps supplying the ask.. if this doesnt happen it looks like its ready to make a move. Obviously news is just around the corner.... I am not sure how they are seperating the Goldbearing samples  from the trenching for assay. Similar to a Placer show I suppose.