Folks if you find some good BB posts to bring back or whatever don't feel afraid to post them yourselves. You can't be threatened with law suits for re-posting other people's stuff . Stand up and be counted. So license plate writtten up and emails and phone calls made to ERCB attendees when these meetings were on? Really?

C'mon folks complain to the authorities, if we're left holding the bag, better ot have the ASC and TSX possee deal with them if not CGY Metropolitan Polizia? .

RocketV212/22/2011 9:59:42 AM  |  | 503 reads  | Post #30482265

More from the Calgary Herald -

Dame said the order does not affect his role with TSX Venture Exchange-traded GoldNev because it “does not operate any oil and gas assets in Alberta so this ruling will not have an impact on my or the company’s ability to manage its ongoing properties or projects.”  Does not operate any oil and gas assets in Alberta???? B#### Baffles Brains. . ..

I guess this statement follows news of the divestiture of the assets of Goldnev, with a bid deadline of today, Dec 22. So the assets of GNZ will be used to pay for the costs of the appeal, paid for by the stockholders of the company. This turkey is done, just in time for Christmas!




Liljoe pointing out the facts  and of 323 reads has anyone complained yet? Why not? Don't sit back and take it! Do it now, they're still walking around and off with their US OTC newco...

"all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to stand around and do nothing"  Edmund Burke


12/21/2011 4:36:25 PM  |  | 323 reads  | Post #30480681


Be careful what you say,ss.
Here a true believer,guru,pumper,soothsayer,legal expert explains how the Co.,such as it is,may still benefit financially from this great Forum:

How much for slandering a company?
shaleplayer11 6/25/2011 11:51:47 PM |  | 52 reads  | Post #29905545

Attacks on the company including peronsal slander, innuendo against management and staff (and not all facts) regarding defamatory descriptions on numerous individuals true or not still recorded on these boards under numerous ids. I heard complete records have been kept. I think several individuals on this board alone have grounds for libel.  It has happened on Stockhouse before (by a company), and I heard the company has some records and individuals on their list. Hope the individuals have enough real estate, bank accounts and stock portfolios to cover what 5-10 million in damages?
Sounds like several need a lawyer.

So there you have it. Be afraid..verrry afraid.
But then again everything said by all those who have been repeatedly banned,had innumerable posts removed,followed and identified,etc. proved in the end that they were correct.
Too bad,so sad Shaleplayer and other id' lose.

GO GNZ!!!  Long and strong here. Only 10 more days until we trade under a new name


More HOOEY as pointed out By lil joe...C'mon people ask the authorities to get off their duffs and the new CEO what as well. Make it a new years resolution!


10/5/2011 8:43:45 PM  |  | 277 reads  | Post #30262319



Ya can sure tell when you touched a nerve here. Out come the Big Guns to put a spin on things. Cut the annual fishing trip with all the pumper gang up at Brokeback Mountain short and get creative here.


The Corporation is in the process of completing a pre-feasibility study (the “PFS”) which is being conducted by Hatch Ltd. for the development of a Shale to Liquids Plant at its Pasquia Hills oil shale property.The Corporation is finalizing arrangements to complete the bench scale laboratory rework and testing of six of its oil shale cores and expects to complete the PFS by March 2012.


September 14, 2010
Calgary, Alberta
Goldnev Resources Inc. ("Goldnev" or the "Corporation") (TSX Venture Exchange – “GNZ”), announced today that it has appointed Hatch Ltd. (“Hatch”) to undertake and complete a pre-feasibility study (“PFS”) for the development of a Shale to Liquids Plant (“STL”) at the Corporation’s Pasquia Hills, Saskatchewan, oil shale property.

The PFS is one of the studies necessary to explore the manner in which the Pasquia Hills oil shale property should be developed and this study is estimated to cost $600,000 and is expected to be completed by February 2011.

The Corporation has retracted its offer to purchase in conjunction with Mercury Oil & Gas Ltd., the Pincher Creek assets. The Corporation has determined that focusing on its Pasquia Hills oil shale project, Turner Valley and Noel operations makes the most strategic sense at this time.

December 10, 2009
Calgary, Alberta

In March 2008, Goldnev entered into an Offer to Purchase Agreement with Mercury Oil & Gas Ltd. (“Mercury”) to acquire oil and gas interests in 9,600 acres (or 15 sections) of land in the Pincher Creek area in southwestern Alberta.To date the Corporation has paid deposits with respect to the Pincher Creek acquisition in the amount of $575,000 and had incurred $84,157 in costs with respect to the development of the property the aggregate of which $559,157 is creditable against the purchase price of the property.
The Pincher Creek purchase is a related party transaction as two of the officers and directors of the Corporation are also officers and directors of Mercury.

Quick Blackie...hide any mention of Related Parties. Nice spin attempt.
                         And how'd the great Hatch Report jump from 4 months to 18 months??  Unbelievable!!