I especially enjoy reading all of your informative posts over the years of the 3 ring circus at GNZ. The one below is spot on as to the many questions that have been raised over the years.  The forum members who had their posts deleted and banned from posting the hard questions just might be heard finally after it is all said.   

6/26/2011 12:03:45 PM  |  | 193 reads  | Post #29906050
Oh my,poor Wealth 1 seems to have nothing to do in the wee hours of the AM but post more threats.Sitting in his Trailer Park Single-Wide listening to Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash on his vintage 8-Track stereo system.
Then the next Legal Department fool pops up with his two bits worth.
Which posts are libelous please?
For posting about a $300,000 Bonus during the CTO?
For wondering what Director's Fees of $60,000 are paid for.Just how much time does Director Moses in California(owner of Cambridge Home Loans since 1994)put in at the GNZ offices?Or Director Steven Craig(gold Geologist and currently VP of Exploration of Gryphon Gold)? What are their contributions to the Co.?
For wondering what justifies spending over $200,000 on Dining,Travel and Entertainment in 1 year with
spent on exploration,development?
For being critical of an AGM scheduled at 10 PM? For another AGM scheduled with City but no place or time? For forgetting to hold the 2008 AGM within the required time?
For being only just above the all time low share price but with 3 times as many shares outstanding?
For clarifying to wealth that there is an MCTO issued on 4 Co. Management? It's truly funny how he tracks people down and gleefully names them through his stellar detective work but is incapable of finding MCTO info on the Co.!!
For congratulating him on his having people followed from Mr. Dame's ERCB Hearing and identified. Was this a Co. ordered operation or organized through his own initiative?
For wondering why this Hatch PFS report,supposed to take 5 months now appears to be due after 12 months? Granted there was a small office fire.
Re any litigation:you should study up on the Regulatory definition of Conflict of Interest.
Whose reputation has been hurt by these posts pointing out these absurdities?The people who have been hurt are the shareholders,whose shares have plunged and seen massive share dilution.If no more financing is done,on Sept. 30 another 11,894,272 shares get issued as payment and a further 5,947,136 shares "at a later date" based on today's share price.A further 13% dilution.
The fallacious posts on this board are another issue,along with the deleting of any post rebutting the pumpers.
Who has benefited from the poor Co. performance monetarily?Insiders with 12%,20% Secured Debentures,14% Promissory Notes.Millions of dollars to Related Party Co's.Rebut this,you boneheads.
Lastly,Wealth1,when you called me "un educated and clueless"...uneducated is 1 word.
Thank you.
Peace and Love    : )