A simple question....how does Chapman Engineering provide Independent Reports for properties/projects that were at GNZ especially if there is a possible connection to an affiliated PRIVCO of some sort?
As posted long ago........all long-term special arrangements-such as the 5-year deal with Chapman's for Engineering services,the 5-year office lease deal from Chapman,the services from Transaction,etc.- require a Special Shareholder's Meeting and vote to approve. These were never held.
Also,look for the term "Related Party" in all documentation.You may find that GNZ was just a feed-bag for those related parties.
Speaking of feed-bag.....just what did Marc spend some $280,000 on Dining,Travel and Entertainment expenses during the 2009 Trading Halt and try to hide it under Office expenses until some astute person pointed this out?
Heh,heh,heh. Yupper, Marcy sure looks out for # 1. And # 1 was never the Shareholders.They just got left holding the bag.