Yes. Its called fraudulent conveyance if the case. The new team at GNZ shoud be investigating any and all discrepancies or concerns to the Regulatory Authorities to check what is the possibility of such matters. Anybody ask them yet?

Shareholders should not be sittng around feeling helpless and stand up for themselves demanding Mngt check into property acqusitions,contractors hired, reports paid for , etc. and then New Mngt. could express concerns if validated even a little to go to the regulatory authorities. Only squeaky wheels gets the grease.

This is not the time for shareholders to be sittng around bemoaning the past but work together to review corp filings,news reelases, and ask questions to ensure a future for GNZ with or without Mngt's cooperation. Its now about  roll up one's sleeves and doing some reading  be it from past MD&As, Qtrly Fin's,  news releases, name it. Seems to be evidence of selective disclosure via the BB's for starters and that is not cricket with the ASC or TSXv. 

A sword has two edges  and shareholders lets pony up and turn that sword over a couple of x's and start asking questions and doing some digging.  Everything to gain and nothing to lose at this point. If v.MEO.H can potentially rise from the dead then why not GNZ? It is about resolve. Do you have it?  I am told it was a pretty grass roots effort at Montello helping their CEO steadily overcoming long odds of the partners at Pincher Creek.

It looks like Pennine folk on the inside booted out there former CEO to scoop Pincher, couldn't raise the necessary $$$$, subsequently did  a deal with GNZ  and Mercury but then per a news release, Marc Dame's PRIVCO Highwood, apparently replaced GNZ, then GNZ loaned Highwood $200K if I read the fin'ls right, so then presumably with loan in hand, Highwood paid Pennine at the least $200K of a $500K price tag. We're not finished reading. 

this begs the follow up question, what did Mercury pay GNZ for a 12.5 % working interest (interesting Mercury is directly connected to one same GNZ director Charles Chapman.

It'd be amzing if Marc Dame was connected to Mercury too but gotta finish reading PNN-GNZ MD&As and  related news relases  and one more source.

Common GNZ directors names keep popping up so begs the question what engineering firm was doing all the engineering at both Pasquia and Pincher? ....trying to verify that looks to be 100% chapman engineering. Really ???!!!

Also double checking Qtrly fin'l note re GNZ loan to Highwood of apparently $200K.  we're just rookies but reading docs side by side and yellow highlighting commonalities works. Just things that make you go hmmm but at both Pincher Creek and Pasquia Hills. How did GNZ get involved in either project and where did GNZ's money go for work on both or loans to either if the case?

Just trying to follow the NR's and MD&A's and Qtrly fin'l notes for now.  Pretty interesting exercise but no conclusions yet as lots to read, double check, and none of us knows if GNZ's  new team is doing this or done this or if they have the Reg authorites doing this to follow the money. 

Maybe nothing untowards has occurred but looks pretty disturbing at first blush .

Gotta withhold judgement till we get it all side by side.

Newbies at GNZ better be way ahead of  5 of us picking up the torch. Love to have more of you and we cansimply report here.

Can't be quick to judge newbies besides they'll want assets or cash back presumably to so lets hope they're motivated and demonstrate some resolve as well. .     There is a treasure trove of info to review. Gotta read and ask questions and avoid pre-mature judgement.  Lets post interesting things and ask questions here and to powers that be.

Maybe we can help new mngt at GNZ and Reg authorities do their job. I am sure however that newby GNZ Mngt. is doing their own homework re anything that went on before their arrival like loans, debentures, "independent" property reports. Trace the origin of a vend in and who owned a private co, received a royalty, a contract to do work, a lease payment or what have you. A simple does Chapman Engineering provide Independent Reports for properties/projects that were at GNZ especially if there is a possible connection to an affiliated PRIVCO of some sort?

Way above my head presently if indeed was a case somewhere. Just wondering in general.  New Mngt cannot absolve themselves of past conflicts if there were any. We  welcome 12-20 of us digging up dirt for  the best future possible for GNZ. Pre mature judgement is not right so lets get reading, pick away for info on the beginnings of Pinher Creek or Pasquia hills and lets share findings here and help the new team help GNZ to go fwd. .