Wow one of the strongest rumours going round which if the case that it is also true , then why aren't a bunch of you shareholders joining a courageous handful of others filing complaints and demanding  the Reg Aurthorities at the ASC and TSXv to get off their duffs and do something? noticed your ERCB sure did. Dame can't operate privately as a operator in alberta. Where is that darned article. who are the new guys at GNZ that they're not head hunting or do shareholders and others not connected supposedly have to do all their work? Or are the  part of the plot here?

Here's one of many examples of simple "Selective Dsclosure Violations by former IR guy Anthiny Ghitmo whose old man was some sort of hotsot up there in your parts. Nonetheless Anthiny aka RICH471 did all sorts of beauties that now I am motivated to post here so some of you folks will start to stand up and ask the proverbial question WTFlyin goin on here?   All the authorities gotta do is check the IP addresses from these posts at Agoracom or SH, and Marchar is your uncle!  You'd think all shareholders would get such  letter not just a slect few. Total hooey! and total balloney!

Though  below turned out to be apparently totally untrue, why wasn't it sent to all shareholders as a Letter from the President vs. a "token amount"? things thatmake you go hmmmm.


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This letter was sent by Mr Dame to a number of shareholders, but for those that did not see it I'll post it.

From mr. Dame:

“The current update on the cease trade order (“CTO”) and the company is that as you may be aware Goldnev’s shares were cease traded for failing to file its March 31 2008 and June 30, 2008 financial statements within the timeframe required by the regulatory authorities. I know that the length of time that the cease trade order has been in effect has been very frustrating to endure but we are working diligently on getting the cease trade order lifted and the company's shares reinstated for trading again.


On March 9, 2009 the company filed all of its outstanding financial statements and related documents which were the cause of the cease trade order in the first place. At the same time we filed with the Alberta Securities Commission (“ASC”) a request for a revocation (or lifting) of the cease trade order. After a period of about 1 ½ months, the ASC sent us a comment letter requesting information on a variety of matters. We have now responded to their questions and comments including a 2nd comment letter we received last week and I am expecting that the company should get the revocation order and the shares reinstated for trading again sometime in June. This timing on the lifting of the cease trade order is in the hands of the regulators and if they continue to come back with more comments etc.. it may cause a delay in the revocation of the cease trade order but from both the comments and tone of the second comment letter I feel that we are now close to getting the company shares back trading within the next few weeks.


During the period the company has been cease traded we have been very busy focusing on developing our projects. We plan to drill a high impact shallow gas well on our Noel property once the CTO is lifted, have a very exciting oil prospect in the Turner Valley area that we plan to drill this year and have acquired a suspended well in the same area which we are working to bring back onto production in the next few months. Successful drilling and re-completion operations at Noel and Turner Valley will have a big impact on the company’s market value. We are also finalizing the Pasquia Hills oil shale report from last years drilling program and the company has proved up a significant recoverable oil resource which we will continue to develop this year including preparing a scoping and/or pre-feasibility study and we plan towards actually mining and producing the project as part of a bulk sampling program this year so there are a lot of positive corporate and operational developments that I expect will be recognized by the marketplace this next year.