Hey Des Smith did you ever get the $$$$ for the GNZ buy in at Pincher Creek.  You know your bubs Dame and Chapman.  Or did they back out letting you hold yet another bag just like you dumped on the former CEO. Great post by Richie from another forum.   Funny stuff indeed       Pincher Creek from the MD&A

posted on Dec 02, 09 03:44AM

"As at November 27, 2009, the Company had paid deposits with respect to the Pincher Creek acquisition in the amount of $575,000 and had incurred $84,157 in costs with respect to the development of the property the aggregate of which $559,157 is creditable against the purchase price of the property. The Corporation’s immediate plans for the Pincher Creek property are to complete the purchase of the assets and participate with the other working interest owners of the property in putting the light oil discovery well onto production which is expected to occur in January 1010."

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