if accountability is what this TSX-V is all about Marc R Dame has showen that white coller crime payes off and the not one government agency will do anything to stop people .
my question is how can a company steal properties and just take them to a diffrent exchange , pink sheets , i guess it is all about who you sleep with ,,,C Chapman ...Why would your CFO call you a bunch of crooks ? all investors need to write to the Alberta securities and Ontario Securities , maybe the F.B.I as there will be a unknoing load of americian investors that will be ripedoff in the prosess as well
If Gnz/Extera Energy corp was all on the up and up then the comany would have sold its shares to Oil Shale International Corp and the sold them to a sham front company that is located is a shopping mall in Florida (post office box) and there would be money to close down the office and pay creditors ,,,but no Marc leaves us high and dry and all our investments are in limbo till when 2019 when marcs can come back and kiss our rears and get reenstated , hopefull by that time some thing (gangmember) has dome something to those two conmen sorry Directors