Hi cadaval. Have a look in this in this interview of Nov.08th : The following, short interview with Paul we did just a few days ago. silberinfo: What about the drilling program? How many rigs are currently at work and how many meters have you drilled so far? J. Paul Sorbara: We have four rigs working today (Nov. 8) and have drilled about 4,000 metres. This is still the Phase I part of the drilling. silberinfo: Do you plan to add additional drill rigs? J. Paul Sorbara: We may need a larger drill for the Las Bolas holes. In addition, one of the four rigs we currently have is not performing well. It may be replaced with the larger drill. silberinfo: When do you expect to release the first batch of drill results? J. Paul Sorbara: As soon as possible. Hopefully within a week or so. Some samples had to be redone for additional elements. silberinfo: What are your plans for the further exploration/development of Uruachic? J. Paul Sorbara: We will be drilling throughout most of next year finishing Phase I and then doing the follow up Phase II silberinfo: How much cash do you have? When will you need another financing? J. Paul Sorbara: We have about $6.4 million as well as warrants (exerciseable at $0.45 for the next 1.5 years) that would bring us another $6 million. We should not need another financing for quite a while. silberinfo: Will you probably enter new JV for your projects, or will you do the exploration by your own? J. Paul Sorbara: We have recently done a JV with Pan American Silver for our La Cruz property, which is ourside of the Uruachic Camp. Pan American will pay us $300,000 US and do $450,000 in work to earn a 60% interest. We also did an option agreement with Comstock Capital under similar terms for our Corona and Chamizal properties. Corona is in the far northwest corner of the Uruachic camp and work there needs to be done from a local base and not from uruachic. Chamizal is also outside of the Uruachic Camp silberinfo: When do you expect to release an initial resource calculation? J. Paul Sorbara: Not before next year. silberinfo: In May you optioned Corona and Chamizal to Comstock Capital Corp. What’s the status quo? Did you already start with the exploration? J. Paul Sorbara: Yes they are mobilizing for the work right now. silberinfo: Recently you also optioned La Cruz to Pan American Silver. Are they already exploring this property? J. Paul Sorbara: I believe they have already started as their Mexican crew kept calling for permission to go ahead while we were adjusting the final wording in the agreement. silberinfo: Is the weak US$ a problem for GNG? J. Paul Sorbara: NO. Our cash is in Canadian dollars in a Canadian bank. The weak US dollar is a gain for us because for many years the labs and the drilling companies have been insisting on US dollars. Now we are happy they did. silberinfo: What’s your opinion on how the share price of GNG will perform over the next couple of months? J. Paul Sorbara: I think it will perform well, despite the normal year end tax selling. silberinfo: What do you think about the price of silver? Will it continue to rise in 2008? J. Paul Sorbara: Yes, and gold too. source: silberinfo.com ***A LARGER DRILL may be needed for the LAS BOLAS holes. ***One of the 4 drills in operation is NOT PERFORMING WELL??????? *** Some samples of the first batch of drill results (4000m) had to be redone for additional elements???? Which can be????? ***More drilling to finish phase one for all2008 and follow phase II along 2009....So more stock share UP and DOWNS ahead????????????? ***15 million warrants exerciseable @0.45 will push the stock within this range for another 1.5 years, until expire. ***Initial resource calculation not before next year, so the big F*** party will not be for this Christmas????????? ***YOUR OPINIONS CADAVAL...PATIENCE IS GOOD....BUT WILL IT BE REWARDED?