At least we are seeing more skin in the game.  The risk here is Management taking this private, with the cash position they could make a low ball offer and basically get all the assets/properties for free. 

Management and the board need to decide why this should be a pubco. Last week, Garda was taken private - led by its founder, who decided it wasn't worth being public.

The point of a public jr. miner is to deliver and execute on the business plan which should tranlate to shareholders. This is one of the most competative segements of the market - gold mining executives are constant presenting at conferences, analysts, retail investors . One must be constantly in front of someone. I don't know how Gobimin does this from Hong Kong - which is a completely different market than N. America.  On their press releases they have a Hong Kong number..not very receptive to a N. American shareholder, where the stock is listed. Just google for example "gold stocks china" China Gold and Minco come up first (im sure they pay for that response) Gobimin is no where.

With that said and there is tremendous value here, and we just saw a Inter-citic get bought out by a Chinese miner. Same could happen here.

Sep 6/12 Sep 5/12 Tan, Felipe Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Acquisition in the public market 105,000 $0.550