I wish you were right about the breakup fee being $ 400,000 dollars. I heard from another source. "...... is ..... $950,000   .....  if the merger vote fails. This money is in escrow! Boom It will be paid. That is what they must be trying to keep a secret. No wonder the management wants this to go through. GLC will be bone dry with no cash and poop, the end is right in their face. Dead dog company.  We better find the votes. Lets post when the proxie material arrives, so anybody who does not get his proxy, will have time to call and get one faxed or whatever it takes to get it back to the management in time for the vote. I don't think they would have agreed to a breakup fee like this if they would have dreamed that there would be any descent.  Maybe those who voted against this merger have some plan for the company. Maybe they are going to get them to sign over their leases for a small royality. They may not care about us, as stockholders. It would be nice to know who these rascels are and what they are dreaming of doing to GLC.