yup, keep spreading fear to shake out the remaining retail investors, lol.  I've got my limit buy orders below yesterday's low, ready to snap some up between now and Dec 13.

Remember: if GLC can't pull off the vote, the firm owes PMI a breakup fee.  Even the most cynical troll would see by now that its in the GLC management's best interest for this merger to be completed, since that break fee reduces the amount that they can milk from GLC right now!  As we get closer to Dec 13th, I would not be surprised if management dips into their own personal savings to buy up as many shares as possible between 3 and 4 cents, simply as a hedge against the breakup fee cost and losing their golden parachute.

Ironically, management and existing short sellers incentives here as aligned:  both want the price to go very low between now and Dec 13th.  Guys like MiningMonster and Good40 are just helping both parties (and Berzerkers like me snapping up the shares on the cheap ahead of the next merger vote) out!

Dougherty:  don't let these brash bashers knock you out of your long here!  Hold the line for the next two trading weeks!