Stock is hard to come by here, but when it does come in it's a gift.
I believe these guys are setting this up for a big run in 2013. They
have some very very interesting properties in the mix now. Some of
which have taken other companies from pennies to double digit
dollars in the past when the market was right. Now with the AGM
behind them, properties in hand, a solid management team now
in place. All they need is a financing to get some drilling under way.
I would look for this to happen sometime before May. Just in time for
the drills to start making some noise and a nice promotion going into
results. Speculation will be crazy on this one with the Hemlo project
right next door. Let the good times roll and accumulate what you can
now because if you think stock is hard to come by now. It will only get
tougher. This is a thin float and very tightly held.
See you on the tape!