Hey Trader.

I think that is a good thing. LKW was a dormant company the last couple
years and had not done much with it's very intriguing assets. If you do a
little more DD you will see where this property is located. It is in the heart
of NGD.t property which is a producing mine. AME.v which is also located
next to that of NGD.t just received over $70million in financing from a Poland
based company and they (AME.v) will be producing in 2014. In my opinion this
Kamloops or Afton based property is just the tip of the iceberg.
Now with a new team coming in (Darcy Krell and Steven Chan) to start we could
see some big upside. A new direction is now coming with all of the private
transactions taking place and buying at the ask in recent weeks. I would not be at all
surprised if we didn't see news soon and a sharply high share price. This is a tight
float in the right hands it appears now.

See you on the tape!