I am only direct when I am being attacked like CyinkaL posts along with KN's post. 

This is the normal routine by pumpers. They attack anybody that is not going long and hate when a stock they believe in should be trading at higher levels and it is not. I think they are also upset that I am trading the stock presently, instead of holding it going long. Yes, there wil be a time in the futue to hold it because it will be going higher. Yes that is me at 21 and 20 and 19.

Your fear should be directed at them not me.

You are correct I normally give some technical and yes whether I am in or out.

I guess they did not like my post about the grade being less than 1%. Unfortunately the market did not care for it either and maybe that is why they have their panties in a knot. So they took out their anger on me and thus attack me because the market did not drive the share price higher, when they believed it would.