CynikaL your are laughable at best. You are a follower not a leader and somebody with NO wisdom. You are part of the pump squad and when things are not rosy and if somebody has a different opinion other than yours you resort to name calling just like the pumpers normally do.

So what am I wrong about..................nothing so far. The stock is in a trading pattern and the pumpers hate that. Well get over it, it is part of the market. So far the pumpers have made NO MONEY in the last 6 months, but I on the other hand have traded it a few times and made a few bucks and presently is on the sidelines waiting for an re-entry point. CynikaL it takes balls to trade not like going long and sitting and waiting for the market to take it higher. So really best you keep you BIG MOUTH shut since you no very little and maybe not even that.

Good luck to all in trading or going long.

I just do not get the pukes on these boards.