People are wising up to the P & D (Pump and Dump) tactics of entities on the TSX and TSX Venture exchanges. The only way we can clean up these exchanges is through massive numbers of arrests and extraditions to the United States, where they know how to deal with these pumpers and dumpers.

The controlling mind of Muddy Waters has stated that he believes that the Chinese government is encouraging fraudulent operations there to run bunko on exchanges in the West. For one thing it destabilizes the integrity of the capital markets in the West, and for another, it brings in more money for China.

What we have to ask ourselves as investors is whether the Canadian authorities are encouraging fraudulent entities on the TSX and TSX Venture. Through the evil triangles of Lawyers Offices, Investor Relations Pump Rooms, and the white collar criminals in the entities themselves, they can pump and dump within the company to enrich themselves, stage bogus takeovers, and even buy the odd producing asset, which can later be stripped.

Write the president and the prime minister now! We want arrests!