The juinor mining sector has hit a Fiscal Wall with 70% of them trading under 20 cents and having less than a year's operating funds in the kitty. With the shrinking pool of available money there is simply not enough funds available to finance them all and we are going to see the bulk of this 70% simply fail. Some are already the ``walking dead.`` Hence the need to do your due dilegence on these companies with extra focus and attention. Only the few with measurable assets and good management are going to survive let alone grow value during this period. I leave it to you to decide where GDW sits on this slippery slope. IMO, they seem to be headless, pennyless, wolves at the door, and vultures circleing. Pay attention to the soon to be released quarterly financials. We may see a last bit of pump but at this time there is no place to dump at .01