So if national bank sold the shares to someone for $0.01, and then the someone sold 20,000 shares at $0.015, then whoever made that trade made a profit of $100! Nice how it went up to 0.015 at the end of the day! That piggy sure has nice lipstick! Or maybe what the piggy left behind got polished really well!

It would cost a lot of money to buy this company and restore it to health. There is an accounts payable overhang of over $500,000 which would have to be paid by any conscientious new owner. There are other bills to pay and scores to settle as well. Surely if you had that kind of money, all you would have to do is stake some claims and pay a geologist to survey them and make a technical report. Why would you need shares at that point. With $500,000 of exploration done you might have something really viable you could get investors in for.

We don't know if there are other debts and/or liabilities in this company, and they may very well exceed the book value of this company. Any concept of fiduciary responsibility to shareholders is highly unlikely. The best that board members can do is to act to protect their own reputations from a situation they probably did not bargain for. Yet for some, maybe it is still a vortex.