Oh I love that word REFORM!!! We need Preston to come and talk about the deficit in our stockbrokerage accounts after investing in Gold World Resources! Guess we need to cut some spending, like, say, management salaries? stock options? Always make sure to report all your insider trades to the exchange! Who wouldn't do that?

Speculation is a fine thing, when you are looking for gold! If you spend all your capital on looking for gold, you might find some, and even if you don't you will have not done a bad thing, PAYING FOR GEOLOGISTS and things like that which are not bad for the local economies where you are trying to find something! And if you keep looking, you always find something, right?

But if hardly any of your budget goes to exploration, it is hard to even call you an exploration company, but maybe just an ENTITY which does a tiny bit of FREE GEOLOGY (that is get the geologist and then don't pay him!) and uses devices to make stock values go up, into which stock can be sold! An ENTITY is not necessarily a company. Ask yourself if it is a company!