National Bank Financial dumped all but 20k of the 704,500 shares sold today at .01. Last sale of the day was at ..015. I expect this trend to continue gathering momentum. Cannot think of a scenario that would reverse this unless it was a takeover, merger, and change of managment which I am not ruling out. The board needs to take over this fiasco in order to save their own skin as they have a huge fuduciay duty to the shareholders not the current management. Yes, you bring up a good point, dream, with the "two office" analogy. The absolute need of these juinors to keep their hand in the public's pocket in order to survive dictates they have to keep up an image of wellness. Hence the constant spin, spin, spin. There is a very thin line between spin and deception and the board should keep their eye on that closely for their own protection. I am waiting for them to step up to the plate. They are individualy responsible for every press release that goes out and those already released.