I agree. The markets will still invest in potential. It is all about risk-reward ratios if the playing field is not overly tilted. GDW's, CEO, has for a number of years been taking in cash or shares $150,000 a year on top of his wive's salary. Hard to justify this as there was no shareholder value added with the abandoned China venture and Mt anderson to date. In fact nothing but major dilution . Seems he is addicted to providing us with more dilution, huge debt, and more payables to insiders for wages and benifits. Not just Hermann but the whole board of directors should be accountable for this fiasco. Yes dream the current market conditions have contributed but for $150,000 a year and a $100,000 per year office you should be able to preform regardless. I do feel  this party is soon over and some hangovers are due. Horseman, what are you insinuating with the ownership of Mt Anderson?