I don't think that Venture Fear will dissipate until there is complete transparency in the markets. We need to have a system which shows us insider trades whether or not they are declared. Otherwise we might be given reason to suspect that outside investors and consultants are considered to be 'pigeons' by these small penny stock operators. Good companies show how new management proudly buy stock in the company when they join, showing their commitment to the company. No external data are available regarding insider trades in this company.

Investors do not mind speculating with potential, however they like to see their money going to exploration and not executive salaries. Paying an executive salary in a company with no revenues or gross profit to justify it does not make exploration sense. Other matters of accounting are also of serious concern. What is the Accounts Payable situation at GDW? Have all suppliers been paid? Have all consulting fees been paid?

Henry Calderon has resigned.

It is very clear that 'smart money' will not invest in situations like this any time soon. The other question is the ownership of Mount Anderson. This should be researched more carefully.