It is a SHAME to see GDW and it's Mt. Anderson project degenerate to the state of affairs it is now in. Everyone whom has been following this company knows that all the intial exploration results  from beginning have  been nothing but POSITIVE. There is great potiental in this project   With the advent of the so called " Greek Crisis" earlier this year came the " Risk Off " mentality driven by fear in the Venture Market.  Investors at this time do not want to Speculate with Potiential, they want a sure thing.  I believe GDW has done everything possible to attract investors into this project hiring Henry Caldron whom is a fund raiser with wide contacts apparently.  Mr.Derbuch himself has been around for some time in this business and between the two of them they have not been able to muster much support.  Until the " FEAR FACTOR" subsides in this Venture Market it is going to be tuff going for all Juniors. At some point in time under better investment conditions the Mt. Anderson Project will get the attention it truly deserves. GLTA!