Gita you seem like one of the more clever people around here and maybe we should go for some sustanance some time to compare notes.

Nonethless, please do not believe anything you hear, and only 1% of what you see. Challenge every assertion aggressively. I suspect you will find they will break down into evasion, prevarication, and condescension. It is probably best for the investor to ASSUME EVERYTHING IS NOT TRUE UNLESS PROVED OTHERWISE.

As mentioned, legitimate companies go to extraordinary lengths to make sure their information is corobborated. If these little questionable firms cannot corobborate evidence, assume it is false. If a lawyer says 'confidential' or a controller says 'complies with regulatory requirements' or a banker says 'cannot confirm or deny', just assume it is false. In this environment IT IS UP TO THEM TO PROVE IT IS THE TRUTH.

And remember, if you can never get a CEO on the phone, and he or she will never call you back, or if a responsible member of the company will not stand up to extreme scrutiny, assume you have Aa very highly questionable operation on your hands.

These communications are posited as suggestions for the good corporate governance of GDW, and that of companies system-wide on the TSX-V, OTC-BB, TSX, and now it seems, AIM.