I assure you that whatever the numbers say on your screen, and whatever the unverifiable press releases say, and however much lawyers say that things are confidential, and however much banks say they can neither confirm nor deny associations with companies, these markets are the abomination of desolation.

One shoud ask ourselves epistemologically though: Is a confdential piece of information a material fact? Is something that can not be confirmed or denied a material fact? Is something that is considered to unverifiable a material fact? If it is not a material fact, a public company has no writ to publish it, and quite possibly could be committing a crime against the general investing public.

It is quite comical to see a website which is hosted in the United Strates declaring something which is NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION IN THE UNITED STATES. It is also comical to do a traceroute on the site (which may not even be hosted in the United States) run through the United States between my computer and the server which is hosting the TSX-V or TSX or OTC-BB corporation. One also wonders what it means if someone from America clicks on a document which says NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION IN THE UNITED STATES? Are they not receiving a document which has been distributed possibly from, definitely through, and definitely to the United States?

Could it not be said that a securities and exchange violating and commercially criminal executive from a public company may be committing thousands of acts of wire fraud against Americans? This would be delightful, and I am sure Canadian authorities would have to look the other way if such a big case were made against such an executive. Of course if one was such an executive reading this, the Canadian way of confession and rounding up criminals for a relatively short spell in a nice place with golf and horses might be preferable to the American way, however that would be up to the travel preferences of the individual. Surely it would be best if they showed up at the SEC themselves, as then there would be justice for all.

If you are a curious onlooker, please make sure that each press release you see on this system and others contains ONLY VERIFIABLE MATERIAL FACTS, as is actually required by law. Do not heistate to insist on answers from the officers of the company. If they are in any way evasive, or hiding behind 'regulatory requirements' and other legal BS, you can almost take it as a given the entire operation is either a pure rip-off, or a 'hybrid' entity which contains some real operations and still has overpaid executives running the stock.

A legitimate company will go to extraordiary lengths to make sure the information they publish is accurate, and will be happy to answer any extraordinary questions you have. They are just as concerned as you should be over the current state of this cesspool known as the north american capital markets. The bad operators are taking investment money away from the not bad, which is causing a lack of overall legitimate business investment which creates jobs.

Remember to always judge a company by its associations. If they use a certain publicity service, and they have been found to fail the test of scrutiny, scrutinize all other companies using the same source. The same thing applies, if Company X says it did a joint venture with Y, check the existence of Y. Insist on documentation of the Joint Venture. Who was the deal lawyer? Where is the deal sheet? Where is the business plan? How was the joint venture incorporated? An LLP? A new corporation?

Always check the existence of everything before you even decide you want to think about what it appears to be.

A disclaimer is to underline risk, and not to cover a lie. An exemption is not an exemption for fraud. This should indicate good business practices to the corporate governence of GDW, and we wish you all the best, whether you are going to be wearing blue or orange! After all it is political seasons, and maybe the streets will run with a little red as well.

Happy hunting!