Why would they reannounce the class 3 mining permit from August? What good is it anyway? Seems like exploration season is over in the North for the winter, and there seem to be no plans for exploration in Nova Scotia.

Their 2Q financial statement says they are $530,000 in debt. How is $375,000 going to cover that? What if much of the debt is unpaid executive salaries? Guess a shareholder would have to call the office to find out. Don't you have to earn a salary to get paid one? Isn't this private placement dilutive considering you get 2 warrants with each share? Why would anyone buy a private placement at 2.5 cents when the stocks are trading between 1.5 cents and 2 cents? Why would anyone sell private placements for Gold World Resources for a finder's fee? If Gold World Resources is in debt, doesn't that mean their credit is bad? If their credit is bad, how would a private placement seller person know if they were going to get paid? Which brings us back to the question why would anyone sell it? I guess maybe CIBC World Markets (like they apparently did for KGI) could underwrite the private placement. CIBC always knows best.

In addition, with no exploration plans imminent, why would anyone give this 'entity' some money? For GS & A?