Desperate times call for desperate measures. Again our management is trying to sell shares at a premium over the market after trying this stategy for the last 18 months to no avail. We are selling at .02 and dropping and they come out with a hardship financing at .025. My question here is why hasn't  management done the obvious and completed a rollback to get this share structure in line with its assets and in line with where they are on the exploration curve. IMO more dilution at .025 is a desperation move and a cash grab by management before the CEO's announced leaving. These funds if acquired will not even dent the company's debt load let alone give them operating capital to keep and advance the Mt Anderson project. You can see the level of desperation by managment's  blatent offer to pay a finder's fee to anyone who assists in this financing. "Please anybody help us, we will pay you"

Henry Calderon, cudos for your resignation which IMO was prompted by refusing to market this terrible product to your friends and associates and the public at large. Nice to see virtues.  Sinking ships need to be abandoned or they take you with them.

The death watch is on.