Wow!  At last some candor from management. This is a very telling news release IMO. Looks to me like we almost lost the property this spring and according to the CEO it took an army to prevent that. ( loyal fund managers, employees, creditors, and new investors.) All this for a mere $75K payment that should have been carefully budgeted for as it was a critical expence and known about for a year.

IMO the statement that Hermann Derbuch  has been in contact with certain "large shareholders" and the company is now looking for a new CEO, says it all. I checked the posted NI 43-101  and in less then 5 months and over the next 18 months this company has even bigger payments to make in order to maintain its  interest in Mt Anderson. Put this together with the last financials which show an insolvent company and one can anticipate another crisis looming.  Sometimes large shareholders need to step in to protect their interests.

The rest of the news release is an advertisement and  notice that there is a fire sale here folks. Want a project? We have a joint venture here. Want a company? We're looking for a merger. Have you always wanted to be a CEO of a distressed juinor. We have a vacancy.  However the soon, previous  CEO, is confident that "with shareholder support" the company will continue to grow and prosper.


Mr Derbuch you are at least "the master of spin" LOL