$90,000 financing announced. This will keep the lights on in the office and pay a couple months management's wages but it looks like the Mt Anderson project will remain stalled. My guess is they will not even have this project come the new year and it will be off to Nova Scotia and a new set of suckers. China project produced nothing but massive dilution, Yukon project has given us more dilution, New Nova Scotia project will probably be more of the same. There is a pattern developing here. Anyone here remember this  CEO's fate with Atlanta Gold?

Gold World Resources Inc. GDW
9/27/2012 6:07:00 PM
Gold World Resources Reports on 2012 Annual and Special Meeting

TORONTO, Sept. 27, 2012 /CNW/ - Gold World Resources Inc. (TSXV: GDW) or ("the "Company") is pleased to report that on September 27, 2012 at the Company's Annual and Special Meeting 40,823,563 shares or 36.31% represented 112,438,090 of the issued and outstanding shares. Management thanks its shareholders for their loyalty and support.

1) Fix number of Directors: 34,407,563 voted (84.28%) For and 6,416,000 (15.72%) voted Against
2) Election of Directors: 28,844,217 voted For - 6,933,857 voted Withhold and 2,532,694 not voted (US)


The slate of elected directors is:

Hermann Derbuch, Chairman & CEO
Henry Calderon
R. Allan Doherty
Gerald J. Gauthier
Brian D. McChesney
Peter Schmied


3) Appointment of KPMG LLP as Auditors/authorizing the Directors to fix the Auditors remuneration: 38,300,768 votes For and 10,000 voted Withhold
4) Rolling Stock Option Plan: 35,279,074 voted For - 499,000 voted Against 2,532,694 not voted (US)

The Officers and Audit Committee, consisting of independent directors were appointed at the ensuing Board Meeting as follows (Mr. Dale Hendrick did not seek reelection see press release July 24, 2012):

    Officers: Hermann Derbuch, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Domenico Bertucci, Chief Financial Officer


Audit Committee:
Brian D. McChesney, Chairman
Gerald J. Gauthier
Peter Schmied
    Compensation Committee: Brian D. McChesney, Chairman
Henry Calderon


Also, the Company is pleased to announce the successful completion of a private placement (the "Offering") for gross proceeds of $95,000 (see 2nd Quarter Report). The Offering issued 1.7 million common share units ("Units") and 200,000 flow-through units ("FTU") at $0.05 per Unit or FTU. Each Unit consisted of one common share with a full share purchase warrant ("Warrant"). Each FTU consisted of one flow through common share and half a Warrant. Each Warrant is exercisable at $0.10 per share for twenty-four months from date of issue.

The securities issued are subject to a hold period of 4 months in accordance with the rules and policies of the TSX Venture Exchange. The Offering remains subject to the final approval of the TSX Venture Exchange.

About the Company:
The Company is a gold and precious metals exploration company. Its current focus is on the Mount Anderson Yukon gold/silver, polymetallic project. The Company recently acquired a polymetallic Project in Nova Scotia.

"Hermann Derbuch",
Chairman & CEO, Gold World Resources