This entity's chart has a classic 'Downward Snake' appearance, as seen in many TSX-V 'entities'. The Goldstar Minerals entity uses an 'Investor Relations Company' known as Renmark Financial Communications with offices in Toronto and Montreal. Goldstar's webpage at Renmark is here: , which is a good thing because even though Goldstar can afford the services of Renmark, they can't seem to make their own website.

Reading Goldstar's page at Renmark carefully, we see that a Mr. Benoit Moreau is listed as the CEO, who in a recent press release dated 2012-10-11, 'ENTERS INTO LETTER AGREEMENT TO OPTION PUMP LAKE PROPERTY..."

One could not have picked a better name for a property!

There is an indication that Mr. Moreau works with Forbes & Manhattan, a 'Merchant Bank' run by Stan Bharti and his friends, including one Hon. Pierre Pettigrew of Canadian Federal Liberal fame. That indication is that Mr. Moreau's e-mail address has the same domain as the one posted at the website of Forbes & Manhattan.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of Goldstar Minerals on the Forbes & Manhattan website, so it means the only information we have on Goldstar Minerals is at the Renmark website.

It looks like Mr. Moreau has some flashy friends and good business contacts. Why don't they have a website?