This is rediculous. Someone said funds are still selling. Selling what? In terms of dollar volume, compared to the beginning of last year today's volume is equal to 15 to 20k shares. Pathetic. Nothing. It makes the price almost irrelevant, and so a 1.5% dip in the POG drops this thing 7% most of the day. Who could sell any meaningful number of shares?

Yes the market for miners is a megabear. Bernanke is purposely inflating asset prices and so it seems like everyone is running into the S&P and the Nasdaq in a Johnny-come-lately lemming rush and gold shares are orphaned until that blows off.  Hopefully when the finally rotates again in the direction of miners when the pundits discover they are undervalued some of that created wealth will rotate our way.  But we can't just wait. We urgently need something from this management to bring in the promised buying and much promoted post-PEA turnaround in share price, however they described it. No matter how bad this market is, the current share price is absurd -- even 1/6 of the most pessimistic of analyst's estimates. Given the numbers in hand, there is no reason why this stock cannot turn up drammatically and even severely disconnect from the broader TSX juniors trend line. This management needs to articulate a plan for this company based on the positive numbers in hand anf the value of the assets that resonates with institutional and retail buyers, and not sit hiding in Vancouver waiting for the markets to change or using the market as an excuse to not put on the thinking caps and get this company either properly valued or sold at a reasonable price (properly based on in-situ ounces and not on some long-term developmentt strategy that right-sizes total number of ounces for an initial phase based on what a junior can afford to finance) and within a reasonable timeframe. In my opinion management just muddied the waters with this smaller scale development scenario in the PEA, and when the vision is not clear you risk investors sitting on the sidelines. Sure the high-grade core makes a great way for a junior to start small or either a junior or a major to quickly pay back capex. But hey, we could have figured that out. But the buck stops at the top and there is no reason this thing should not have moved higher. Even in the current market the PEA numbers speak for themselves..:. a $1 biilliom NPV at current gold prices and great recurring revenue from throughput that can be readily expanded. 5.1 mil oz Au and 26.5 mil oz Ag in the latest resource. What do they need to impress the market. Drive a truck through it? They need to get the right message to the right people.

Management needs to earn their salaries and get this ship upright. I don't know what the proper business plan is to get this to again move above trend and return to a rational market cap (or, praise The Lord, buyout price) That is their job. Secondly, despite the market yawn, the pea is out and that should be sufficient for them to be shopping for a buyer...based on total ounces plus large land area and significant potential to expand the resource, not on this perpetual bear market scenario of little gold canyon taking this into productivtion. Poppycock. We need a major or mid-teir to take it to production and we need the cash in our portfolios. That is what they did with Fronteer and if they could achieve only a small fraction of the success as they did there in a better market (oz reported and exploration potential were not so different as Springpole and they got $2.1billion for it) we should have a buyer before summer for anywhere from $2.8 to $4 (sorry, management, if that timing seems aggressive to you, but TRR started shopping their Ontairo project about this time last year and had a buyer within about a month, if I am not mistaken). Sitting here at this price is an embarrassment. Even Fraser Mac very recently said in adjusting their target for the latest market realities a "water challenged" (which seemed tongue in cheek) asset like Springpole in Ontario should not realistically go for less than $88/oz.). If you look at TRR their desperation sell of mostly inferred oz. makes this companies current market cap look ludicrous. Also, management is saying that by working to bring so many ounces into indicated the comapany can basically move to Pre-feas without having to spend the $15 million or so on drilling to bring in those ounces. Well, I say what's the point of moving to Pre-feas or beyond. These producers have geologist who can quickly extrapolate from the existing drill results and the PEA and come to their own conclusions. They are grown ups and they will have full access to details of the PEA when it is filed, I believe in about 30 days from now. Now, management please make some market wise decisions and articulate them clearly. Unless we see a sweet NR about monetizing Malawi, the only way now to "unlock" value in this company is to promptly get interest on the bid, mainly from fresh institutional interest, to dispel the notion that they can wait to get in because it's not moving up. This, IMHO, is also helpful for bringing in a buyer for the project sooner than later, which is the only viable end game to ultimately unlock the value of the ore in the ground at Springpole. Pardon me if I don't take the time to spell check this...gotta go. All only the opinions of a whiskered fool. Any reference to any person(s) living or dead, including management, are purely coincidental.