when I bought into WTN for the first time ever. I have never owned Jr. equity stock previously but working in the resource sector I knew a thing or two about this company. They had some cash, great asset and mediocre management. They were trading around .60 cents when I decided to go all in. It was crazy as there were maximum pessimism in the market. I feel that we are at this point in time once again.  I thought this was once in a lifetime event where I could easily double or triple my investment. As it turned out, a ten bagger in less than a year. I'm definitely not saying GCU from current level is a 10 bagger but it is a realistic 3 to 4 bagger in less than a year. Yes I can be Wrong but looking at our new management, over 4 million oz of indicated resource with good grades and cash on hand, risk to reward is compelling.

Stay Long and God Bless.