The depths of the financial crisis. Nuclear winter for Juniors. Gold Canyon with only enough money to drill 2000 meters at Springpole and not anything close to a worthwhile compliant resource.  Pre Quinton's discovery. Pre a 5.1 million oz compliant resource and 26 million ounces of silver, and a potentially world-class REE discovery in a government-to-government deal for one of the few clay-type non-radioctive REE discoveries outside of China. Pre world-class management.

Now. many tens of thousands meters of drilling...often with spectacular industry-leading results for grade over length...later, and close to a PEA about which management is publicly optimistic, AND a huge stealth asset in the drilling done to bring most of the ounces into the indicated category.

And the price? .60 ... the same price it touched this A.M is the same price as February 2008. .... roughly $3.50 below it's 2011 high and reflecting price per Au ounce in the gournd of around $10. Zero for the silver credit. Obviously zero or less than zero for the REEs.  Phenomenal. Incomprehensible.

July 2007 on just on the hint of what might come in the future the price spiked to .90. ?????????????????????????  Creation of shareholder value vs. destruction of shareholder value

Hello world-class management heroes. Heelllllllooooooo. We need you. We are shining the emergency shareholder value signal in the sky. Look at your website. You have the old Feb 2012 resource update, not even the most recent update on the Springpole page. None of the positive information. Can you say tragically undervalued company? You click on a banner ad on Kitco and it's also dated info. Can you say benign neglect? Times a wasing an Rome is burning. Let's get this under control in a timely manner.

Updated NI 43-101 (Feb 2012)

The Company announced an updated National Instrument 43-101 compliant resource estimate on February 27, 2012. This resource estimate is the first since the Company's original estimate prepared by P & E Mining Consultants Inc. on November 20, 2006 and includes approximately 39,000 metres of drilling completed in 2010-11.

The updated resource estimate is summarized in the Table below:

Resource Estimate

Tonnage (million of metric tonnes)
Gold grade (g/t)
Silver grade (g/t)
Gold Contained (million of troy ounces)
Silver Contained (million troy ounces)

It goes on to talk about YES 2012 Drilling / Plans

"The Company plans to focus approximately 80% of 2012's planned drilling at increasing the resource along the Portage Zone, including testing near-surface areas that currently have a low density of drilling, deeper areas where higher grade mineralization has been recently discovered, and along the southeast corridor where the deposit remains open for expansion. The remaining 20% of drilling will be directed at exploration elsewhere on the Property."

Heeeeeellllllllooooooo. It's just one example and a reflection of benign neglect when it comes to marketing. What happened to the promise about communication in the last update? Thankfully they got Mr. Moritz hired, although a day late and about 50 million dollars of market cap short.

By definition, the number-one job of management is creation of shareholder value.  Knock knock.