I was just reading througth the Feb 1st investor presentation by Osisko (OSK) that someone posted

a link to on the stockhouse OSK board today(85 page PDF file).

On about page 58 or so they have a slide presentation on the QMI(Queenston) Aquisition which was

a share exchange aquisition, and it states that the price paid for

QMI gold reserves was $102 oz (or $71 per gold equivalent ounces.)

   Based on GCU's current resource per Oct 17th/12 press release,we have

  Gold resource of 4.41 mil oz in Indicated,plus .69 mil oz in Inferred category = total  5.1 mil oz

  Plus silver reserves of 26.5 mil oz ,or an additioal gold equivalent ounces of approx  0.5 mil oz

                            Equals total gold equivalent ounces  of 5.6 mil ounces

                           Times $71 oz(based on QMI) equals Aquisition Value of Approx 397.8 mil

         Based on shares outstanding of 135.625 mil ,this equals approx 2.93 per share

          Less allowance for dilution re outstanding Management options(net of option proceeds)

            Just Guessing...Say 5% dilution = net realizable value of  2.78 per share(95% of 2.93)


         Hang on to those GCU shares.LOL .GLTA