Do we need a shuffle in the Board of Directors for GCU? You betcha!! I’ve already touched based with Bill A (you know who), heh! heh. He said that he’ll look into it. But as he said, he doesn’t know a thing about mining. I said neither does the present Board of Directors of GCU!!


On that note, I find the geologists of GCU just fine. It’s some of the other rascals on the Board of GCU that most retail investors are questioning, and so they should. As I said before, this is not a shareholder friendly company. A few on the Board don’t have a clue about mining???   


Some of us may be too dumb to what is going on with the GCU SP, including me, but there are some people, including the present Board, who may be in the know. Unfortunately, I also have to mention GCU’s 2 biggest shareholders.


In the past, when a major shareholder was involved with a mining project, it was because they were convinced that a major discovery was in the works. They did their DD, and they promoted it Big Time.


With all due respect, I don’t see where either Pinetree Capital or Sprott Resources has continued to ‘promote’ GCU.


They may have, when the SP was + $2.50, but on this SP slide of GCU to where it is now, not a word from either of them!! I’ll dig into their news releases over the weekend.


That said, where is the credibility of either Pinetree Capital or Sprott Resources for future investors in their resource (mining) funds, when they don’t update their investors, on current investments, and are not promoting GCU?


Enuf said.


Everybody have a great weekend.