With all the selling going on by the big Houses, this to me is an indication that these Houses may, and probably won’t not be a part of any new PP, that I think is coming up. The management/directors of GCU may have to give the company away, in order to get any more money from the public coffers, for their ongoing expenses, drilling, administration, and especially a new road etc.


As far as Sheldon Inwentash/Pinetree Capital goes, they have their agenda, as does Sprott, and so they should. I accept that.


Some of us, however, had high hopes on GCU, based on their trading of GCU. However, as we know now, don’t trust even the most well known names in the resource sector, especially these two institutions, which seem to have had a big influence on GCU. As they say, do your own due diligence.


I often wondered if either Pinetree Capital, or Sprott Resources, has addressed the declining GCU share price with the management of GCU, or are they parties to the share decline?? Who knows!!


That said, I did my DD and so, I am where I am.   


As far as scoutaz2003 goes, I apologize for my remark that you are a ‘jerk’. However, your timing for another ‘positive post’ on GCU was an insult. A computer problem, like yours, could have been fixed in a few days. To give us that computer excuse after almost 6 months scoutaz2003, you are still a ???


Geospot, I’ll read your last post in more detail later. However, your posts do read a lot like the posts of scoutaz2003. Interesting that both of you are located in the US!!


TimingTiming etc: does db mean a double bottom?? Give us yukkers a sense of what you’re talking about.


Anyway, welcome back GOG. However, just temper your posts back a bit, which will do a lot more good. I appreciate where you’re coming from, and I think a lot of other posters feel the same way as you do.


This has been a rough market for a lot of junior mining companies (GCU included), but the spectacle with GCU over the last year, I have never seen anything like it before!!