wings I think you've flown a little too close to the sun. And it is time for iggy. 
there is a presentation on the website that pretty much lays it out.
there will be another news release this week probably just to say that the drilling is done is my guess.
I asked when the 43 101 would be done and was told it should be done in March and I said you mean April (as that's how mining works) but he was pretty sure they would be able to hit that milestone. they are doing remarkably well considering mining can be fickle when it comes to timelines.
The day-to-day share price at this point is moot but it makes for a little bit of reading on the boards. it's funny how going long in a stock used to mean years now for some 3 to 6 months is going long lol . If you look back at the share price 2 months ago it was sitting at $.04 so I think it is doing just fine.Have a great Christmas everyone. The New Year's going to be pretty good.
 ABirds is right those that have done their DD can get up and walk away from the screen and not worry about it.