Come on gbn you know you can do it.  Almost at my .05 cent target in a major bull market rally with close to all time highs. 

You've really rewarded share holders. 

Hey Popovitch how's your intraday holdings on gbn looking these days. You mention that's its so easy for me to be negative in regards to GBN. Well any stock that rides out .35 cents a share for  year after year while share holders wait for production. Production begins and the SP actually goes down. Then try to sucker more shareholders into to buying warrants at .45 cents and now trades at .07 cents and releases news basically saying they can't make things work. You need to really help me find anything positive about this company. I believe they took advantage of  people from the start and now they have ran out of all there trick cards in the deck. 

Really hard for any shareholder or previuos shareholder to come on here and be positive, I have no faith in the honesty of the people that promoted the shares of this company now, knowing what i now know. 

It cost me allot of money in the beginning, and I passed it onto to shareholders here when I knew, and I hope some of you got out then,