and I am not the only one who thinks so... have you seen how much accumulation has been taking place and how many shares have been on the bid? Nowhere to go but up, in my opinion. Been wrong before, but I see a nice up movement on the horizon. I bought a bunch between .04 - .05 over the past few years on the drops. I've had opportunities to sell but.... nah. This has been quite a shakeout for all of the juniors. Treacherous! I believe we are entering a new cyclical bull for the juniors. Hang on. What's the point of selling now? I can't see much downside. Reverse split? Possible but I don't think so... not yet. I expect this to at least test the upper side of the range, I see no reason why we can't see .08 - .10 in the not too distant future. and good luck to you too.