This news doesn't even shock me. If you read my past post in the past 6 months you'll see I tried to drop some strong hints on where things were going here. Anyone here still hanging on, you must well be hanging by a noise. Oh and for the one poster that told me its a long term investment. Hey how's that working out for you now. This is, and always was smoke and mirrors. Buyout!!!  There is no hope of a buyout. Name me one companie that would take this debuckle on. Reverse split!! Ya mise well just issue another million shares, better hope insiders buy them or you financial magicians can convince your drunk buddies over beers to buy some because no pre existing shareholder in there right mind will touch another share. Even at .05 cents with  .03 cent warrant valid within the next 5 years unless you feel like losing everything. 

These people should be ashamed of themselves. 

You need to hang out with YLO CEO mark tellier who was paid 8 million last year to destroy yellow pages. 

By the way I wonder what net peeled out of this companie last year for a wage.