Good old GBN finally did it to share holders,  I knew they would take this down to single digits, they have already taken just about everything from the longs on this board, and everywhere else, so as there thinking they mise well take it all.

It baffles me to think they were offering warrants at .45 cents 2 years ago, really GBN and managament what were you trying to sell share holders at .45 cents, your stock cant even hold .10 cents.

You have no chance of a buyout or it would have happened by now, I guess you need some sort of success and few hundred million less outstanding shares to even be considered for a buyout,

RN buying insider shares at the .30 cent mark was nothing but a ploy to instill confidence in the public to invest in his company, Im sure hes pulled enough sallary from shareholders money now to make up for the loss in SP,

Isnt Sask and lower manitoba know for there oil and Bakken play, I think GBN would have had a whole lot more successs investing shareholders money into oil company instead of a Junior gold producing comapny that cant make money at 1600 a ounce gold.

Dont think for one minute that the guys that were behind this stock are losing sleep at night like the common share holder because there not, they made there commision money from there BS sales story and are driving around fancy cars and going on trips when the ordinary share holders are bleeding.

If and when the markets peek here in next 2 months which there on there way to right now, there is going to be a pullback because allot of this run up is smoke and mirrors, what is going to happen to GBN then, when investors start to pull there money out of the markets, is there going to be anything left for shareholders to pull out, will it really trade at around the .05 cent level, I wouldnt doubt it, I know most guys here are in at the .30 cent mark and more,

I cant remeber who on this board told me this was a long term investment when I informed all you guys on here at .17 cents to run for your lives, well if you would have listened you would have double the money you have now in your intraday holdings.


Not sure if its even worth selling at .09 cents, mise well burrie it under the rug and hope for a mirracle or you could cash out and head down to the seven eleven and buy some of those Gold Rush scratch and wins, youdf probably have a better chance on making money than riding this dead duck.

Next best thing to a ponzy scheme here by the looks of things now.