In the Q2 MDA the last paragragh in the Roy Lloyd section states:



Upon completion of the exploration program, resource  definition work commenced.  Initial studies included 
nearest neighbour and unrestricted inverse distance weighing review.  An in-depth study on modelling the 
resource at depth based upon observed geology and from  ongoing operations ensued.  Development of a 
minable resource will be completed in Q3 2013. 
2 weeks left in Q3. Will Matt get us an updated resource and mineable reserve for Roy Lloyd?
Year End April 30/12, the reserve statement for Roy Lloyd was 3672 oz Proven and 14,099 oz Probable. Q1 production was 3190 oz, Q2 was 2865 oz. Golden Band is currently mining Roy Lloyd with no remaining Proven Reserves and only 11,716 oz remaining Probable Reserves. 
After seeing the surface and underground drill results, as investors, we can expect to see an increase of 35,000 oz in Reserves.