Perhaps that is what your problem is.  You were not born a dolt but freezing your brain on that powy maui of Ross Rebagliati's wiped out a significant number of your brain cells and you didn't know it.  Alternatively you didn't have too many brain cells to start with so you wiped out just a few which would also explain your condition.  Perhaps you should go for a brain scan to see how much damage you have and if there are still a couple of neurons firing.  Maybe you should change your nickname to brainfreeze13.

This would be the perfect explanation as to why you would think that folks would buy stock with a four month hold at 15 cents when it is trading at eight cents. (I hate to keep harping on that one but I still just can't believe you would be that stupid)

You know brain damage can also cause a personality change.  Perhaps that is why you are so much of an irrational curmudgeon posting so much incorrect and misleading information.  That would also explain why you are blaming others for the bad market conditions and what is in the ground and not yourself for making a bad investment decision.  The psychiatrists call it "transference", which means blaming others for your own actions.  Are you a psycho and on medication or are you a psycho who is off their meds ?

You have lost money on this investment and your brain freeze is stopping you from being a real man, accepting responsibility for your own poor investment decisions and moving on to make the money back.  It seems to be making you act like a childish petulant little girl "hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned".

On a personal more serious note.  I do feel sorry for if you have lost what for you is a lot of money and it has screwed up your life.  I'm not exactly flush myself at the moment but if you send me your name and address I will put a cheque for $100 in the mail to you to help you out.  I can't speak for the others on the private board but we could probably have a whip round and send you some more money.  As you are not a registered charity we will not be able to write these donations off against our taxes.  I get the strong impression that you would prefer money to say a few thousand GBB shares.

That way you will be able to buy a cup of coffee and a donut or fill your prescription which might help you make better quality posts here or preferably you would stop altogether.  The Salvation Army is always a good place to get a hot meal if you are really down on your luck.  I donate every year to them as they do such good work.  I highly recommend everyone contribute to them as charity begins at home.  And your contribution is tax deductable.

Your concerned Good Samaritan OSCAR.