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= many more stupid user names = ONE PERSON.

and you know what? all know ityou're a waste of time.

Advice: stop using the drug.

IGNORE SHARPIE like before kikinteeth, wrapup, musky and so and so and so on

I went back to find my reply to you regarding you slandering me by saying that these names are one person. I am not sharpie or wrapup and I offered you a two (10K) to one (5K) bet to prove it...someone removed that post, I wonder why. Now I see you today have lumped me in with those chaps again down below in your postings, when I have not said spit about the garbage going on here today...I don't really care...but when YOU  have the GAUL to mention slander, IP's and proof....and you say I am someone who I am not, read wrapup and or sharpie....maybe you better check the limits of free speach re: slander on a bullboard. Tread very carefully.... I would suggest you leave me out of your accusations regarding the other two names...I am not them or part of whatever they are....this is the last time I will tell you this GoldMix...I believe the rest of the board understands that......