Musky.  You are a dolt.  How many folks would buy a pp at 15 cents when you can buy all the free trading stock you want out of the market at 8 cents ?  Give your head a shake !!


I am invested in a number of companies who are always looking for money.  If you or anyone you know is interested in buying shares with a 4 month hold period for almost double what the stock is trading at I can put you in touch with a large number of companies who would be happy to take your money.  Just pm me.  What a marvellous investment opportunity.


Where is your common sense that you could even ask such a stupid question ?


Please don't judge others by yourself.  Just because you are a dolt does not mean that I am.  Of course I am correct.., posted by oscar1412...

Who in their right mine would, when you can buy ALL you want @ 8 cents?

I have to admit your right oscar...Plenty of shares at 8 Hilarious

Cheers from Quebec.........